Exquisite Staffordshire Bull Terriers

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We are a family who loves Staffordshire Bull Terriers and we are focused on not only breeding to the conformational standard of our AKC/UKC Registered Staffordshire Bull Terriers but more importantly for health and temperament. We work hard to insure that you get a healthy/happy puppy and have a positive experience. All of our dogs have great AKC/UKC bloodlines. They have been home raised in a loving environment where they are handled by not only adults but also children on a daily basis to insure they are well socialized.

 Staffie's are great dogs, but that is my personal opinion! These dogs need a lot of attention and want to be as close to you as possible. They do require a lot of playing time because they have a ton of energy. They are a very intelligent dog; they tend to want to be in-charge. It is important that you and your dog spend time training so that they know who is in charge.  

We are located in Shelby Township Michigan, in the metro Detroit area.

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 Sugar has delivered 6 healthy puppies!

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